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MUN Conference 2023


Pupils from Years 10 and College I joined over 300 delegates from schools across the country to participate in the annual MUN Kingswood BISMUN conference last week.  

The delegates represented six committees each with a different key focus for a weekend of debate and negotiations. The six committees for 2023 were: Security Council, Political, Environment, Human Rights, Historic and Science & Technology.  

The weekend opened with a welcome speech by Mr Gordon-Brown, Headmaster of the host school, Kingswood Bath. Mr Brown emphasised the importance of the UN and humanitarian aid in a bid to prevent conflict in the modern world. He enthused the need for educated young people to harvest empathy and civility, with these important values being at the forefront of this year’s conference. 

Following the introduction to the event, the delegates were allocated their groups and began proceedings. Themes to lobby included controversial opinions on The Rights of Refugees and Migrants, LGBTQ+ Rights and Women’s Rights. Pupils may not necessarily agree with the topics personally, but were required to remain firm in the argument’s representative of their elected nation.  

The remainder of the first evening was spent researching the backed resolutions ready to discuss over the coming weekend. Amongst the debates and other requirements of the conference, pupils were able to explore the city and watched Noughts and Crosses at the Theatre Royal Bath

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