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Foundation Meeting Celebration 2022


Family and Friends gathered on Friday 24 June to attend this years’ Foundation Meeting at English Martyrs RC Church. The annual event allowed pupils’ from Year 5 – College II and their families to come together in celebration of the academic and personal achievements of the girls over the last year, and to say farewell to departing College II before they leave.  

The Meeting this year was addressed by special guest speaker and former Mount School pupil, Era Gjurgeala. In an emotional and inspirational speech, Era detailed how she first joined the school in 1998 during a period of unrest in her native Kosovo. Leaving behind her family, Era joined The Mount to study for her A levels and soon became Head Girl during her time here.  

Referencing the unrest in her country, and the impact of the ethnic divide, Era spoke passionately about the positive influence the school had on her, detailing, “I am really humbled and privileged to be here because it is a place that changed my life. The time spent here left a profound mark on my life, really without exaggeration. It was easily the single most impactful experience of my life.”  

Upon leaving The Mount, Era progressed onto Oxford University to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics and embarked on a successful career in financial services. She proudly honoured the Award Winners with their certificates, with nominated pupils receiving awards from different subject areas and a variety of kindly sponsored individual awards. 

Award Winners: 

Citizenship Awards:
Year 7 – Betsy
Year 8 – Amelia
Year 9 – Lucy
Year 10 – Harriet
Year 11 – Morgan
College I – Sophie
College II – Mary 

English Progress Awards:
Year 7 – Peggy
Year 8 – Anabel
Year 9 – Eleanor
Year 10 – Berlin 

Maths Progress Awards:
Year 7 – Hannah
Year 8 – Isla
Year 9 – Elizabeth
Year 10 – Lilia 

Science Progress Awards:
Year 7 – Minnie
Year 8 – Ursula
Year 9 – Flora
Year 10 – Siân 

General Progress Awards:
Year 7 – Amelie
Year 8 – Emily
Year 9 – Lorna
Year 10 – Vivian  

Individual Award Winners:
Jackson Pitt Award (Design Technology) Lucy (Year 11)
Textile Technology (DT) Millie (Year 11)
Resistant Materials (DT) – Ruth (College II)
Nataraj Photography Lucky (Year 11)
Mrs Moss Memorial Prize (Art) Charlotte (College II)
Walker Prize (Art) Charlotte (College II)
Stickney Robson Prize (Sculpture) Ophelia (Year 11)
Elfrida Vipont Foulds Carnegie Medal (Creative Writing) Lily (College II)
MOSA Music Award Madeleine (Year 11)
Ruth Edmond Quaich (Sports)  Caroline (College II)
Drama Award  Abigail (College II)
Vivien Moon Prize (Geography) Mary (College II)
MOSA Science  Eleanor (College I)
Physics Prize Emma (Year 10)
Johanna Senior Prize (Biology) Gemma (College II)
Mathematics Progress Prize Chloé (Year 11)
Suzannah Nellis Love of English Literature Prize Charlotte (College I)

Rachel Garside Award Rebecca (Year 11)
Living Adventurously Award Molly (Year 9)
Laura, Vickie & Sophie Search Award for Perseverance Olivia (College II)
Lydia Rous Scholarship Mary (College II) & Gemma  (College II)
Helen Doncaster Hoyland Award for Languages Sophie (College II) 

Outgoing College Leadership:
Team Scarnell Brison Award Mary, Sophie, Abigail & Lily
Boarding Leader Award Yuki

Following the awards presentation, Era handed the proceedings over to Head of College, Joanne Goudriaan and UCAS Support Officer, Wendy Thompson who introduced the College II leavers and presented them with their leaving gift. In an emotional exchange, the girls reminisced over favoured memories and shared tales of their experiences at the school and how much their fellow pupils meant to them.  

The Awards were interspersed by Hymns and musical interludes, performed beautifully by the Choir, as well as the honoured Quaker tradition of silent reflection.  

In a welcome new addition, Foundation Meeting was followed by a ‘Family Day Picnic’ on the lawns within the school grounds, allowing families and friends to congregate with the pupils in celebration of their achievements.

A huge well done to all this year’s award winners and a well-deserved thank you for all the challenging work and determination you apply every day. Thank you also to those that attended in support of our girls, and contributed to the development of the pupils, both academically and outside of the school environment. 

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