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Fantastic LAMDA Results Speak for Themselves


The Mount School York are delighted to once again share excellent LAMDA results following the examinations that took place earlier in the year. The annual LAMDA exams in Group Recital, Acting, Speaking Verse and Prose and Speaking in Public took place at the end of March 2022 with a suspenseful wait for results to be delivered.

Junior School 

22 Junior School girls took group exams this year. Fantastic results of Merits and Distinctions were awarded to all participants, and both examiners praise the girls’ confidence and enthusiasm.  

Year 3 feedback from the examiner- “Thank you for sharing your work today! You work well together and enjoy creating a story.” 

Year 4 feedback from the examiner- Your work shows imagination, and you enjoy sharing it with an audience. Thank you for sharing your work today!” 

Year 5 feedback from the examiner- “It was a real pleasure meeting you all today. You speak as a group with real energy and enthusiasm and have an effective, collective impact.” 

Year 6 feedback from the examiner- “You use performance space in an imaginative way and communicate meaning very well. Group rhythm is very sharp and collective energy is strong and impressive. Well done!” 

Congratulations girls!  


Senior School 

37 girls took exams this year, all achieving wonderful results. All three examiners commented on how articulate, professional, and confident the girls were.  

Notable awards for Gold Medal were achieved by;  

Romilly – Distinction Gold Medal for Acting,  

Ruby and Rosie – both received Distinctions for Gold Medal for Speaking in Public.  

As part of their Speaking in Public qualification, participants had 15 minutes to do a speech on a topic of the examiner’s choice. For hers, Ruby was given the topic of government leadership and positive attitudes which she excelled at. 

“It was really fun, quite difficult to prepare for. We had to do two prepared for speeches, and one impromptu speech which was really difficult on the spot. We did lots of practices in lessons, so it was good for preparation, but still difficult.” – Ruby 

Following the impromptu speeches, the girls were asked to answer theory questions, which both Ruby and Rosie got full marks for. The theory questions were a welcome addition to the exam as they were able to prepare for those, knowing they would have to answer questions on the various techniques and how they apply them when speaking in public. 

We answered questions on projection of voice, production of voice. It is really useful, firstly impromptu because it gives you more confidence in speaking on anything and enabling you to sound like you know what you are saying. Especially in public situations and with other people who you may not know” – Rosie 

“Writing speeches has been quite useful too and learning about delivering PowerPoint presentations and knowing your target audience. We know how to speak to people from junior school, right through to elderly people, and how to explain differently and using diverse types of lexis.” – Ruby 

“The skills we developed are not only beneficial when public speaking, they are very useful to put into practice just in conversation and when talking to people generally”– Rosie 

Congratulations and huge praise to all the girls for their hard work and dedication. The excellent results are a true testament to the determination, attitudes, and abilities of all those who took part, well done! 

Certificates will be presented in the Presentation Meeting on Friday 1 July.

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