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The Mystery At Magpie Manor


Congratulations to our Junior School for an incredible performance of The Mystery At Magpie Manor.

The children gave a truly unforgettable performance of this multi-media comedy set in the roaring 20s at Magpie Manor, a crumbling pile where Lord and Lady Pica must take drastic action to save their home.

A plan is hatched between the family and the new bank manager, Mr Fortune, to sell off the family silver via auction. But things go pear-shaped when the family heirloom disappears at the auction.


Inspector Spectre  is on the case with none other than Agatha Christie and between them they must work out who is to blame as everyone seems to have a motive.

The audience got well into the swing of things, coming elegantly dressed in 1920s attire as flappers and gangsters. School Hall was transformed into Wilbur’s Speakeasy with tables and chairs in the lower circle.


Thanking the children for their joyous performance, Head of The Mount Junior School Rachel Capper said, “You were absolutely brilliant. Comedy is one of the hardest genres to deliver. Every single one of you played an important part. You stayed in character whether you were singing, dancing, or reacting to others on stage. The footage for the silent films was fantastic and we know you had fun creating that because we saw you filming around the school.”