The Mount School York is an exceptional independent day and boarding school for girls aged 3 -18, based in the heart of the majestic city of York.

We are passionate about girls and their education.

We are leaders in educating girls in an environment that is both inspirational and emphatic in its understanding of their needs especially as they progress through the demanding, and educationally vital, teenage years.  We aim to graduate empowered and confident young women, enabling them to believe nothing is beyond their reach.




We have been at the forefront of providing an exceptional education for girls since 1785.

Our Quaker founders knew that girls excelled within an all-girls educational environment and we still believe this to be true today. Mount girls are equipped with the skills, ambition and courage to succeed in everything they aspire to do, and anything they aspire to be.

Mount girls take centre stage to pursue their academic excellence.

We are unreservedly proud of being a single-sex girls’ school and believe totally in the absolute benefits for girls of being educated in a single-sex environment especially during their teenage years. This approach applies in particular to the curricular and super-curricular environment and to many aspects of the co-curricular landscape in a school.

We recognise that society is co-educational and that there are social reasons for promoting co-educational opportunities for our girls as they seek to negotiate the potentially difficult and challenging teenage years. With this in mind we are pioneering such opportunities within our co-curricular programme, specifically via our musical ensembles such as the community choir and bands, in joint drama productions and in both external and internal sports clubs.

The education that we offer has a strong academic backbone around which is sculptured a distinct holistic body. This latter takes place in the afternoons, at weekends and in school holidays. It is at these times that we actively seek to provide opportunities for girls to interact in both single-sex and co-educational groupings such that our education is unique, high in quality and focussed on what is best developmentally for the girls in our charge at each distinct stage of their education and maturation whether this be in curricular, super-curricular or co-curricular areas.

Our extensive day School is enhanced by our fantastic boarding environment. 

We welcome full, weekly and flexi boarding pupils. Boarders join us from all over the world, including Asia, Africa, mainland Europe, and the UK. Boarding life at The Mount School is an enriching experience where girls are encouraged to live adventurously by trying new things and making the most of the opportunities available to them. 

I am delighted to be the 20th Principal of The Mount School. I am honoured to lead this exceptional School and embrace the Quaker ethos.

I look forward to developing our shared purpose and progressive spirit by continuing our mantra of ‘We Know Girls Can’. What could be more vital and important in a world where the principles of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion are, at long last, assuming their rightful position.

If you would like to find out more about what a Mount School education can offer your daughter, then please come and visit. I look forward to meeting you when you do.

Upcoming Open Events 

Open Doors, Saturday 18 June, 10am-12pm. Register here

David Griffiths