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New College Leadership Team Takes Charge


Congratulations to the new College Leadership Team, who were announced this week.

College girls submitted formal applications for their candidacy and, following a robust selection process which imitates the real-world experience of applying for employment, the incoming Team was announced by Head of College, Mrs Goudriaan.

The new College Leaders have now assumed their duties, allowing the outgoing Team to focus on their upcoming A-Level examinations. Abigail, Lily, Mary, Sophie and Yuki, all in College II, have now handed the mantle of their legacy to Angel, Eleanor, Izzy, Rosie, Ruby and Sophie, all in College I. “I’m excited for what we as a team can bring to build on the work of the outgoing Team,” said Eleanor, “especially our community outreach within York, charity work and our Quaker values.

The combined College cohorts celebrated their final Choc Lunch this morning, with a feast of goodies from the kitchens and from home. The celebration ritual prompted the girls to reflect on their time with the School, and also to look forward to what lies ahead.

It’s a little surreal, because even when we became College Leaders, I couldn’t quite believe I was old enough to even be in the position to become a member of College Leadership Team, having come all the way up through the School,” said Sophie, who joined The Mount at the age of 3 when the Junior School was known as Tregelles. “Although handing it over again is just another step, it’s making me aware that my time at The Mount is ending. It’s a strange thought process to go through because we’ve been here so long. But I’m excited. I know all the girls in the new College Leadership Team well. I think they’re going to do an amazing job, so while it’s exciting there is an element of sadness in that we’re saying goodbye.

It’s scary,” added Liv. “Similar to Sophie, I’ve been here for 15 years. You always watch people and have family friends, and people with sisters who go through Leavers and you watch them and think, ‘I can’t wait to leave’ and then it’s like, ‘Oh no!’ Now that I’m actually going to go, I don’t want to; I’m actually going to miss it.

College II’s Year is the cohort whose GCSEs were cancelled nationally due to the covid-19 pandemic. “The teachers have been great at preparing us for exams,” explained Liv.

The support we’ve had has been amazing,” surmised Sophie. “But as we’ve never done official exams, there’s apprehension.

We sat our English Language exam in Year 10, and apart from that we’ve had no formal examinations,” clarified Liv. “There’s a level of fear of going into the unknown, but we do feel prepared.