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The Big Sleepover


Year 3 – 5 pupils were in high spirits on Friday morning as they tucked into a delicious big breakfast together freshly prepared for them in the Dining Hall. The girls had enjoyed a ‘Big Sleepover’ the night prior to celebrate the end of another fantastic term at The Mount School York.  

Day pupils are regularly invited to join the boarders for sleepovers, but it is an extra special occasion when multiple year groups gather to experience all the fun together! As the excitement built on Thursday afternoon, pupils put this bubbling energy to great use as they splashed around and played in the swimming pool.  

The girls were also lucky enough to take advantage of a beautiful Springtime evening. Just in time for their BBQ, the clouds dispersed, and pupils gathered on the picnic benches outside to eat.

As the action-packed evening drew to a close, pupils spent the last couple of hours playing card games and chatting away together before settling down to get a good night’s rest! They even found the time to create individual name signs for above their sleeping bags – an ingenious way of ensuring teachers knew who was blissfully tucked in beneath.  

Spending quality time together outside of the classroom offers a wonderful opportunity for pupils to bond and cement lasting friendships. The balance of social and academic activities that can be enjoyed amongst friends is something those boarding at The Mount regularly benefit from and there has been a significant increase in Senior School pupils opting to board to further enhance their experience. 

Sleepovers, day trips and fun activities are regular occurrences on evenings and weekends for pupils, enabling them to relax and make memories with friends that they will cherish well after leaving. 

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