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Twitter Art Exhibit 2022


Skilled creatives within our school community to produce artwork for submission to the Twitter Art Exhibit 2022.  

Taking place in York on 25-26 June 2022 at The Hiscox Building, and across Twitter, the exhibit will see professional and amateur artists come together to display their work as part of this international exhibition and to raise awareness and funds for local charity, The Encephalitis Society.  

Founded by Scandinavian artist David Sandum, Twitter Art Exhibit was initially created to raise funds for David’s local library in Moss, Norway through the sale of original postcard-sized artwork over social media.   

Now in its 13th year, TAE22 is curated by British actor, Mathew Bose – of ‘Emmerdale’ and ‘It’s a Sin’ fame. The chosen charity benefitting from this event is The Encephalitis Society, situated just outside Malton. The Encephalitis Society has a vision to increase the global awareness of Encephalitis and the support that is available. 

Their objectives by 2027 are: 

Annually increase our income by 10% reaching £1.4 million from a diverse range of sustainable and ethical sources 

  • Have 50% of the general population aware of encephalitis in 10 countries 
  • To be meeting the individual needs of 80,000 people through our support services 
  • To fund four international based research studies 
  • To be the go-to organisation for over 10,000 professionals worldwide.  

The charity is close to Mathew’s heart as unfortunately a friend of his is living with the condition which remains largely unheard of, despite its similarities to other conditions such as MS, meningitis, cerebral palsy and motor-neurone disease. 

To discuss the fantastic efforts of the charity and its aims in more detail, and to encourage pupils to create their own postcard-sized pieces, Mathew Bose joined Morning Meeting on Friday. 

Bringing along with him a range of inspirational originals from previous years, Mathew showcased just how creative participants can be, with some examples designed digitally, some in stencil, abstract acrylic, collage and one even hand drawn using coffee.  

No postcard goes to waste, with those that remain unsold being used as thank you cards, bereavement notices or used for display.  

The exhibition will take place live on 25-26 June at the Hiscox building, Peasholme Green, York, YO1 7PR, with featured artworks available to buy online afterwards. The artists subject can be entirely person to them and is open to interpretation, the only limitation being the size which is that of an 7×7/A5 postcard.  

The event in its entirety is also available to view over Twitter and no individual piece can be sold for more than £30. 

More information is available on the event website. 


“Through art, we can change the world” – Artist David Sandum, TAE Founder 

“I’m aware that in Yorkshire there is a huge amount of talent for art, it’s quite a big deal and it is a guaranteed international exhibition.”  

“It is the opportunity to be involved with a global outreach of something so beautiful and pretty in this dark time”  

 “When you are in a position of some privilege like we are, we don’t have encephalitis so that’s privilege already, we can reach out and we can help those whose lives have changed by this, and not for the better. But we can help them.” – Mathew Bose 


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