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What a weekend! Sleepovers & Theatre Trips


Year 7 Sleepover

On Friday the boarding community opened its doors to a group of Year 7’s for the annual Year 7 Sleepover. Sleepovers are offered to day girls for free and are an excellent way for students to experience boarding life. Each year group gets an opportunity to sleep over with their peers and engage fully with everything boarding has to offer.

There was an atmosphere of excitement all around as girls settled into their rooms and got acquainted with the boarding routine, with Year 7 boarders eagerly offering a tour to their guests.

Emma said: “I really enjoyed being able to show my friends around the boarding house. They loved it and really want to come again!”

After dinner the girls spread out into the school to play games such as tag, capture the flag and hide and seek in the dark. They particularly enjoyed being able to explore the school after hours! After they had tired themselves out, the girls came back to the lounge to unwind with mugs of hot chocolate and plenty of popcorn before lights out.

Ruby said: “My favourite part was being able to watch tv with my classmates.”

The next sleepover will be with Year 6 students, to allow them to gain an understanding of what boarding entails before they make the transition to Year 7.

Treasure Island

The Mount School champions a bespoke approach to teaching and learning along with a range of exciting activities and opportunities, challenging girls to live and think adventurously. This is exemplified by the numerous trips and outings organised by the boarding team, which take advantage of the rich cultural heritage of York and aim to expand students’ horizons.

On Saturday, the boarding community took a trip to York Theatre Royal to watch a production of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, performed by physical comedy company Le Navet Bete (which translates to ‘The Turnip Beast’!). The performance was raucously funny and enjoyed by all, offering a comedic – and sometimes a little rude – take on the classic novel. The girls particularly enjoyed getting ice cream at intermission!

Johanna said “It was so funny and very inspirational. My favourite part was when they all dressed up as sailors and danced at the end!”

Louise particularly enjoyed “when the actors forgot their lines, and when one accidentally broke the telescope! They played it off very well and it made the whole play even funnier.”

The day was completed with a leisurely walk along the city walls, allowing students to soak in the beauty of York and learn a little more about its history.

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