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Young Scientists Experiment in Senior Lab


Year 5 and 6 girls were excited to conduct a series of experiments in the Senior School science laboratories on Thursday. 

Junior School pupils were welcomed to the Biology lab by Mr Knill, Head of Biology. They were asked to put on white lab coats and gather around the lab benches, where our experienced Science Technician was on hand to lend a helping hand. 

The visit was part of the girls’ Separating Materials topic in their Creative Curriculum lessons. Earlier in the week they had discussed with Miss Wilson different experiments that can be completed to separate materials, learning about condensing and distilling. They then created experiment instructions for other groups to use.  

The first experiment enjoyed by the children involved mixing two solutions together, watching them fizz up and then using a special distilling tool to separate them. They then watched a condensation demonstration and were entranced to see water extracted from an orange solution, noting the changes in the colour. The third experiment was perhaps the most entertaining as they mixed two green solutions together, they were shocked to see the two come together and make a dark blue solid material!  

Pupils also learned the names and uses for different pieces of scientific equipment, from Bunsen burners to conical flasks. All of the girls were enthusiastic about the experiments, asked and answered lots of questions and thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration. 

The visit to the labatories highlights the many benefits of The Mount Junior School sharing a campus with the Senior School. Not only do they have access to the facilities, but also to specialist teaching in a variety of subjects. The Junior School also benefits from an indoor swimming pool which was put to wonderful use for the annual Junior School swimming gala earlier this week.  

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