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Year 7 Invasion on The Yorkshire Museum


As part of their History and Latin studies, Year 7 pupils visited the Yorkshire Museum where they explored in greater detail the Romans and the origins of Eboracum (the Roman City). 

The pupils dressed up in Roman garments as they took on the role of Roman York citizens, and learnt about life before, during and after the Roman invasion.  

The exciting trip began with a walk along the impressive original four-metre square Roman mosaic floor. This was a particular favourite activity for India, Izzy and Daisy, made all the more amazing when they were informed that the emperor Hadrian almost certainly stood on the same mosaic! 

Liz enjoyed a fascinating conversation with the curator about Medusa, whilst Hannah and Edith were captivated by the museum’s more gruesome elements as they enjoyed seeing the skeletons and the dead bodies. 

The girls all had great fun learning in a practical setting and found the trip interesting and a good educational experience.

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