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Careers Week Blog – Day 5


There was a Humanities theme for today’s Careers Week presentations by Mount Old Scholars. Elizabeth Clay (Geography) joined us online from Dubai where she works in public relations and Rachael Armstrong (American Studies) came in to talk about her career in the technology industry.

Elizabeth has been living in Dubai since August 2022 with her husband and two young children. She had an exciting career in the civil service which included a stint in the Cabinet Office preparing for Britain to leave the European Union and working closely with then-Minister Liz Truss on trade deals.

Although she had not studied a Communications degree (she read Geography), Elizabeth was able to navigate the field of communications with a different perspective. She is currently with world-leading public relations firm, Hill + Knowlton in their Dubai office. She shared with the girls her aspirations in the next ten years. Elizabeth had so much to share that we, unfortunately, ran short of time (there had been some technical hitches which delayed the start). Her presentation and the recording of this session will be made available for girls to watch in the Careers Library.

Rachel Armstrong is a financial analyst and profit manager at Lenovo, having worked for years at IBM. Her talk looked at how the transferrable skills that you gain in a Humanities degree will translate into any industry. She showed the girls parts of her job description and drilled down to how everything described in it hinges on the same skills gain from Humanities studies. There were common themes of critical thinking, time management, collaboration and commitment.

Jobs that don’t exist now, but will be around by the time you graduate, will present great opportunities for you. And you will have the skills to do them. So please study what you like, follow what interests you. You will enjoy it more,” she told the girls.

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