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Careers Week Blog – Day 2


As we continue to celebrate National Careers Week, we recap today’s visitors and online guests.

Debbie Lo (2011) gave an excellent talk about working in the Events industry, in which she operates as a freelance planner and co-ordinator. She gave the girls a brief overview about various roles in the industry and the skills they require. She talked about her work as a freelancer, and had very useful tips on getting work within the industry. She studied Korean at University, switching into East Asian studies before spending a year abroad studying in Seoul. Debbie now lives in London and enjoys a busy professional life working with prestigious clients on various projects.

#DidYouKnow many careers, in which current pupils will eventually work, do not currently exist? 

Later whilst on a guided tour of the school, Debbie found her own autograph on the tiles by the Swimming Pool, which she had signed with then Head of Art, ‘Mrs G’. Debbie had attended The Mount from the age of two through to College II.

Lizzy Ostler had brilliant advice for girls during her online presentation, including “Always have something that you’re not paid to do that requires time and focus,” and “Evaluate yourself against the most incompetent person you know”.


Lizzy is the College of Optometrists’ Director of Education, having also worked as an academic, a post-graduate researcher and an industrial trainee at Glaxo Group. A common thread through her career has been the desire to make the world a better place by improving things and helping processes to work more efficiently. “It doesn’t matter what job you’re doing, as long as you enjoy it,” she said.

The final presentation of the day was Lizzie Garthwaite, a doula who also holds qualifications as a Montessori teacher, a Dance teacher, a complimentary therapist, a University-level Classics MA and a MSc in Dance Science. Lizzie gave a brief yet comprehensive talk in person about her path but also what a career as a doula entails. She touched on holistic approaches to health and education. A pivotal moment came when she unsuccessfully applied for research funding and, in the feedback, the interview panel questioned her motivation. This prompted her to explore the question, “What do you LOVE?” She encouraged the girls to have the confidence to pursue their interests, concluding, “Had I thought about what I really loved doing, and had the confidence to pursue it, I might have been able to do what I loved sooner.

Many of our Old Scholars have kindly offered to provide additional advice for Mount girls who are considering their career options.

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