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College I set to welcome British contemporary artist Ian Murphy

Ian Murphy Artist

Art students in College I are looking forward to welcoming artist, Ian Murphy to the School as they participate in a specialised workshop run by the talented contemporary British fine artist.

The bespoke workshop aims to spark a hub of creativity as pupils will have the opportunity to look through an extensive collection of his work, as well as observing the techniques and processes that they too will explore during the session. The Sixth Form girls will follow the artists own creative process of development as they experience the same critical journey, from initial idea conception and musings on a sketchbook, all the way through to the final piece.

The critical development journey is particularly special to Ian as within his decades long successful career, exploration and growth has seen him transition from initial industrialised compositions, which featured a strong accent on dramatic lighting and heavy tones, representative of the ruggedness and industrialisation of his hometown of Sheffield, into encompassing a much more minimal approach to lighting and a focus on derelict buildings and forlorn habitats, seen in his gallery here.

Taking place on the 4th April, the Ian Murphy workshop is held during York Open Studios 2022, an event spread over two weekends that celebrates an eclectic range of talented York-based artists and creators. Back with a bang after a challenging couple of years, the 2022 event will welcome more than 150 artists to exhibit in over 100 venues, including our very own Mount School.

For more information, including an extensive list of artists and venues please visit the York Open Studios website.