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Harvest Festival Foods


As Early Years pupils make the final preparations for their Harvest Festival on Monday, they have been discussing what foods are harvested at this time of year.  

The children took the opportunity to explore seasonal root vegetables such as potatoes, onion broccoli, leak and carrot and soon discovered the multiple layers that both onions and leeks have. Firstly, using their hands to investigate, they had lots of fun peeling back the layers and counting them before they introduced small dinner knives to practice with. Despite them being a little tricky to start with, they soon got the hang of using the utensils. As they help to prepare their snacks each break, the girls have had practice chopping and prepping a variety of different foods and enjoy doing so. 

Last week, the children planted various salads to grow at home too. They studied closely the similarities and differences between the seeds and discussed their shapes and sizes. Some were remarkably similar, and others were extremely small. With all this useful experience in the kitchen, the girls will soon be able to rustle up a home-cooked dinner for all the family! 

Harvest Festival preparations 

Gardening Club – salad seeds 

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