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College I Health and Wellbeing Leaders


Selected College I pupils began their Health & Wellbeing training yesterday. The College pupils took part in a training session which will see them become Health and Wellbeing Leaders for the School. They discussed how they could utilise their leadership qualities to support the emotional wellbeing of younger pupils and their peers and what their responsibilities would entail. 

The girls firstly established the concept of wellbeing and what it meant to them before moving on to discuss the role of a wellbeing advisor, their day-to-day requirements, and what procedures they should follow to ensure the safety of their peers is upheld. The informal session was based on the five ways to wellbeing initiative, recognised by Mind UK and the NHS. Synonymous with Quaker ideology, it also emphasises the importance of connecting and supporting others and promoting equality.   

As Health and Wellbeing Leaders for The Mount School, College I pupils can connect with younger girls on a different level to teachers and other authoritarian roles. This element of trust and companionship is crucial to building relationships that can help and support one another. To practise connecting with others, the girls took part in a connecting exercise, ‘hello bingo.’ They had to strike up a conversation to determine who matched up to the random ‘about me’ facts on their worksheet.  

Mount School Nurse, Cindy, will also discuss with the pupils tips and guidance on helping others in a way that would carefully signpost them to the most suitable path of support.  

The selected Health and Wellbeing Leaders will introduce themselves to staff and then talk to all students about the five ways to wellbeing in Form groups before Christmas. They will also be holding informal drop-in sessions for pupils to attend and will continue with their launch after the half-term break.  

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