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Junior School Perfectly Perform Peter Pan


For our Junior School pupils, the last few weeks have been dominated by rehearsals and preparations for the latest Junior School Production, Peter Pan.

On Wednesday 3 May, the junior performers were finally able to debut their highly anticipated adaptation of the J.M Barrie classic, Peter Pan, in front of a live audience. 

Earlier in the day pupils in the Pre-School and Senior School were treated to an animated performance at the dress rehearsal. The younger children were mesmerized and could be heard laughing and singing along with the music. The feel-good atmosphere and excitement continued merrily throughout the day. As the evening approached, parents and families were welcomed into the Dining Hall for refreshments before taking their seats in School Hall. 

The musical adaptation was cast tremendously, with every performer giving their all to the role. Pupils across the year groups displayed excellent stage presence and audience command. As the story began, Nora & Susannah’s narration superbly set the scene of the tale. Isabella, Eliza, Lorelei, Jessica L, Clemmie and Francesca brought the Darling family to life, displaying the family bonds and the eager excitement of the children. 

A clever use of fairy lights and moving scenery transported the production over to the magic of Neverland. Ella’s tik-tocking crocodile raised laughter from the audience. Latifah’s ferocity as Hook paired with Phoebe’s bashful Smee made for a great comedy double act. Rusne’s performance as Tootles captured the innocence of the Lost Boys, whilst Agnes’s beautiful dancing depicted the charm of Tiger Lily. 

Jessica H took on the title role of Peter Pan. She maintained charisma throughout and displayed a range of vocal and physical skills. Hope, playing the role of Tinkerbell, perfectly balanced the joy and mischievousness of the green fairy. The audience also were involved and led a loud round of applause to show they did infact ‘believe’ in magic! 

Charlotte, Alexa, Lucy & Faye made an impeccable entourage for Tink. Whenever they took to the stage, they remained in character smiling and twirling as playful fairies do. Daisy, Alexandra, Louise, Venus and Francesca’s portrayal of Neverland’s mystical mermaids perched on stools was enchanting. 

Several of the cast played different parts which meant many costume changes, this along with the changing scenery, helped set the pace of the rip-roaring tale. It was brought to life further with several musical performances and fantastic solos from the young cast. 

The Junior performers were lucky enough to be accompanied by a live band made up of Senior School pupils and staff. Junior School teachers worked extremely hard backstage to ensure the evening went smoothly, moving the staging swiftly on. 

As always, The Mount School is exceptionally proud of its Performing Arts and Music provision for putting on such an amazing show. The creative outlet allows all pupils a fun and safe space to express themselves and to build their confidence.  

Well done to everyone who was involved in producing such a high-quality and entertaining production! 

“It was a fabulous performance! All the children should be very proud of themselves along with all involved in the production.” – Audience member

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