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Galas Galore For Senior School Swimmers


It was galas galore this week as our Senior School swim teams took part in two swimming competitions.  

Up first, the Senior School House Swimming Gala. An annual event that always draws excitement, the House competition delivers friendly competition and supportive enthusiasm in equal measures.  

Swimmers from Fry, Rowntree, Cadbury and Terry’s raced a variety of disciplines and concluded the event with a nail-biting House relay. Taking the crown on this occasion, Rowntree’s were the ultimate winners. House captains gathered on the poolside to await the results and to finally collect their trophy. Well done Rowntrees!  

On Thursday afternoon, Senior School U13-18 swimmers travelled to Queen Margaret’s School to compete in the second swimming gala of the week. The closely contested races kept everyone on tenterhooks as they waited for the final result. It was an incredible win for The Mount and an incredible afternoon for everyone involved.

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