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GCSE Historians Visit Sheffield Manor Lodge


GCSE Historians in Year 11 visited Sheffield Manor Lodge to enrich their study of Elizabethan England. They learnt about Sheffield Manor Lodge’s rich Tudor heritage and the infamous Mary, Queen of Scots.  

Home to George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury, Sheffield Manor Lodge famously held Mary Queen of Scots imprisoned for 14 years under George’s tenure, as she was implicated in the murder of her late husband. 

As part of the GCSE Historic Environment Study, pupils completed three workshops linked to their examination. Pupils were invited into the Turret House where they were introduced to Mary, Queen of Scots, George Talbot, and Bess of Hardwick via video as they discussed how they came to be a part of Manor Lodge and what daily life was really like for them. They looked at the symbolism in the plaster ceiling where Mary Queens of Scots’ influence can still be seen.

To get into the spirit of things that little bit further, the girls immersed themselves in the history by dressing up in the traditional attire and tested their writing abilities with feather quill pens. They also looked at the Geography of the landscape and building to identify key features that helped keep Mary Queen of Scots imprisoned, and evidence of the eventual decline of a Tudor powerhouse as the financial restraints of keeping its notable prisoner captive eventually took their toll. The pupils’ final session was on plots and intrigues that surrounded Mary and the attempts at putting the Catholic Queen on to the throne.

The pupils had a really good day out and came back with lots of information to help them in their exam.

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