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Chloe’s Swimming Success Mounts


Resident swimming champion, Chloe in Year 9, has surpassed all expectations and achieved overwhelming success at the Yorkshire Swimming Association Winter Competition 2022. 

The biannual event, which was held in Leeds last weeekend, sees the best-of-the-best in Yorkshire compete against their respective age range in a number of different race disciplines. Chloe, who is currently ranked 20th in the entire Yorkshire region, demonstrated exceptional swimming ability as she attained remarkable times for her 100m Freestyle (1 min and 05.08 secs) and 100m Breaststroke (1 min and 25.12 secs), cementing herself firmly amongst the top rankings. 

Chloe’s Swimming Success Mounts! In September, Chloe was promoted to the ‘National Squad’ for her club, York City Baths YCBC. Currently, Chloe is training 7 times a week, emphasising her commitment to the sport. Her dedication and extensive training regime combined will undoubtedly see her, and her elite squad, continue to reach astonishing heights.

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