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Young Explorers Visit Tropical World


Early Years, Reception and Year 1 pupils at The Mount School York enjoyed a fantastic day at Tropical World and Roundhay Park earlier this week.  

As they arrived, the children made the most of the pleasant weather and explored the beautiful gardens where they found ducks, flowers, rhubarb and wild garlic. After enjoying a quick snack break in the sunshine, they headed into the animal enclosures.  

Inside there was much to see, including butterflies, birds, terrapins, snakes, lizards, a tarantula, piranhas, a stingray, cockroaches, beetles, and a very hungry crocodile!  

The trip marked the start of their new topic on living things and their habitats. The children explored various habitats and discussed how each creature was suited to their environment. They looked carefully at the animals features and made brilliant observations, describing in detail what they could see and how they would benefit from the unique characteristics. Year 1 noted that the camouflage print of some animals and their features were appropriate for their environment and activity such as climbing and swimming. 

The heat of the enclosures depicted that many of the animals liked the warm and humid air to thrive, whilst our girls much preferred the aquarium where it was a little bit cooler. A favourite element was the big waterfall central to the venue which was very loud as the children moved closer to take it all in. 

After all the excitement of Tropical World, the children walked through neighbouring Roundhay Park where they climbed trees and burnt off lots of energy in the adventure playground. A fun, jam-packed day was had by all, with some children needing a little sleep on the coach journey home.  

“I liked the spiders and turtle the best” – Ottilie 

“We had a really fun time, and it was really hot in Tropical World” – Lark 

“There were lots of different animals to see. I saw a stingray, crocodile and butterflies.” – Imogen 

“I held a butterfly on my hand, and it felt tickly!” – Harriet 

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