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Aspiring Veterinary Student Experiences Cambridge University


Mount School York pupil and aspiring Veterinarian, Ophelia in Year 11, attended a 3-day Introduction to Veterinary Science ‘VetCam’ Residential at Cambridge University recently, following recommendation from fellow pupil, Sophie, in College I.  

As previously reported in our news article, The Power of Role Models, Sophie, who founded the School’s Medical Society (or MedSoc) had previously attended a similar event and immediately thought of others who also wished to pursue a medical profession.

The residential surmised what university life was like for a Veterinary Science student at Cambridge, introducing the perspective students to elements of the course content and inviting them to participate in clinical and non-clinical trial procedures. Ophelia enthused at the opportunity, “My favourite element of the taster sessions was getting to do more of the practical side of it. We took fake blood from a fake horse and were able to get really hands on.” 

Having considered becoming a veterinarian from an early age, and despite a fleeting desire to pursue Architecture, Ophelia confirmed her aspiration in Year 9. The visit to Cambridge proved monumental in her decision to choose that location due to their practical approach to study. Cambridge offers students a six-year programme, an additional year to other institutions, enabling students to devote an entire year to practical placements within their onsite hospital.  

As a keen sportswoman, Ophelia was also interested in discovering the extra-curricular offerings at Cambridge, and was pleased to learn the University had a strong social and sporting scene, alongside its stature as an institution for academic excellence. “I asked about other extra-curricular activities and the Veterinary Science course has its own Netball team so I am looking forward to joining that. The people I met during the residential all started a big Snapchat group so we can all talk on there and can stay connected with each other.” 

Following the experience, Ophelia is looking forward to completing two weeks of work experience with a local veterinary practice to gain further experience in her field.  

On encouraging others to consider similar events, Ophelia explained, “It was a great experience, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone else. Signing up needs to be done quickly though as only the first 200 people are selected.” 

To discover more about the ‘VetCam’ Residential: Introduction to Veterinary Science at Cambridge University visit the website, where you can download an sample itinerary.  

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