At The Mount Junior School we instil our pupils with a love of learning. 

We encourage enquiring minds through a rounded and stimulating curriculum.

The Mount Junior School days are full of challenge, opportunity and most importantly fun. Our aim is to provide our pupils with a deep foundation of skills, knowledge and attitudes that will equip them to thrive at secondary level, university and long into their careers.

Academic Curriculum

The building blocks for our pupils’ education are English and Maths, which are taught to our pupils daily by their qualified class teacher.

English lessons are designed to lay the foundations of literacy as well as spark children’s imagination and foster their creative thinking. We have a well-resourced library that all pupils have access to. All our staff are enthusiastic in promoting a love of reading in our pupils.

At The Mount Junior School, Maths is fun. We give our girls a thorough grounding in key mathematical concepts, using a ‘mastery’ approach,  and we develop problem solving skills that allow pupils to explore fully the world of numbers. Pupils take part in an annual Inter-house Maths Challenge Day, adding a competitive element to their learning.

Science lessons are brought to life in our dedicated Life Science classroom. Junior School pupils have the opportunity to experiment with liquids, build robots or grow plants in a classroom catered to younger pupils’ learning needs. Pupils explore their topics, question outcomes, discover solutions and learn to think for themselves.  Pupils also have the opportunity to learn Science in the Senior School laboratories. They learn to apply scientific methods, make predictions and test and evaluate their results.

“(Junior School pupil’s) attainment in English and Mathematics is above national age-related expectations.”

ISI Inspection 2018

Skills-Based Curriculum

We deliver our integrated learning curriculum to reflect new realities, placing importance on learning skills as much as content. The children gain these skills through working on half-termly, cross-curricula topics, which encompass Humanities, Science and The Arts. Examples of topics and challenges include The Tudors in Year 5 and Year 6: Find out why Henry VIII had six wives! The Vikings in Year 3 and 4: Why have The Vikings gained such a bad reputation? Our curriculum provides the structure within which our pupils can develop the confidence and independence to question, cultivate and articulate their own opinions and ideas.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The curriculum for pupils in the Reception class is planned around the seven areas of learning specific to this first stage of education. Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication Language and Literacy, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Literacy, Mathematics, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical Development and Expressive Arts and Design. The Reception year lays the foundations for literacy and numeracy; creativity is encouraged together with all-important opportunities for play and developing friendships.

Specialist Teaching

For some subjects, we employ specialist teachers to develop the children’s skills and knowledge.  Children benefit not only from the teachers’ in-depth knowledge of their subjects but also from experiencing and relating to different teaching styles.  From Reception upwards, French, Music and Dance lessons are taught by subject specialists.  Specialist teachers also take Gym, Games and Swimming. German is introduced alongside French lessons in Year 3 and is taught by a specialist German teacher. Having the flexibility to access specialist teaching and facilities is one of the many advantages of sharing our site with the Senior School.

Global Thinking

The Mount Junior School is the first school in the UK to introduce into the classroom the PeaceJam Foundation’s Juniors Programme. This is an exciting programme that introduces young students to the lives and work of Nobel Peace Laureates in an age-appropriate format.  The PeaceJam Juniors Curriculum explores the childhood stories of the 13 Nobel Peace Laureates and engages children in activities that enhance conflict resolution skills and character development. We are a recognised International PeaceJam Foundation School of Excellence.