Welcome to the Mount Junior School where we offer a genuinely remarkable education for boys and girls from the age of 4 years.

We, at The Mount Junior School, want our pupils to make the most of every opportunity, both inside and outside the classroom. While many schools claim their pupils fulfil their potential, we believe our pupils discover potential they did not know they had!

Our very special ethos leads to an environment which fosters self-belief, independence of thought and a sensitivity to others. We have unashamedly high ideals for our pupils. We listen to their views and they know they can contribute positively and make a difference within the School.

The Mount provides an environment in which boys and girls are listened to and equipped with the skills to shape their own futures. Our pupils are allowed to grow up at their own pace, free from the pressures to conform to stereotypes. We support the children, encouraging them to take intellectual risks and live adventurously.

We strive for excellence in all our activities and encourage the same commitment from our pupils. We achieve superb results from what is a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum.

Please enjoy our website to discover more about our activities and then come and see us. Teachers and pupils alike are extremely proud of what we are achieving here and we would be delighted to share that with you.

Rachel Capper,
Head of The Mount Junior School