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Full boarding may be the right option for some families but, for others a more flexible approach is necessary. Girls can board at The Mount School on a full, weekly, or flexible basis.

Boarding at The Mount is designed with the needs of the modern family life in mind

The small nature of the Boarding House creates a genuine family atmosphere, ensuring that all boarders, full-time or weekly, are fully integrated in to the boarding community.

Full & weekly boarding

A full-time boarder stays seven nights per week during term time, where they are looked after by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic residential staff.

A weekly-boarder stays five nights a week. Pupils may choose to weekly board because they have a long commute to School, their parents may have weekly work commitments or they simply prefer the structure of the week and a focus of supervised Prep.



Flexible boarding provides girls with the opportunity to board on a more ad-hoc basis (if a space is available).  Pupils may choose to flexi-board for a multiple of reasons:

  • Pupils with after School extra-curricular commitments may benefit from spending a few nights in boarding.
  • It allows working parents to fulfil work commitments in the knowledge that their children are being safely cared for.
  • Pupils who have longer journeys to school might prefer to spend a night in the House during the week.
  • It can benefit students who need structured Prep time, especially surrounding the exam period.
  • It can provide a secure environment to meet unexpected family difficulties.
  • It fosters independence in preparation for living away from home.