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From September 2023, The Mount Junior School will be gradually changing to become a fully co-educational Primary School by September 2030. 

From September 2023, we will welcome boys into the Pre-School class (in the term they turn three). Pre-School boys and girls will be able to move through into Reception in September 2024. Children from outside The Mount can apply to join our new co-ed Reception Class for September 2024.  

Boys, along with the girls, will then be able to progress all the way through primary school until the age of 11, with new pupils joining into the relevant year group. This approach means that parents who joined the school as a single sex environment will have this maintained throughout their Mount Junior School education.  

September 2023Co-Ed Pre-School (Age 3-4)Reception – Year 6 – All-girls (Age 4-11)
September 2024Co-Ed Pre-School – Reception (Age 3-5) Year 1 - Year 6 All-Girls (Age 5-11)
September 2025Co-Ed Pre-School – Year 1 (Age 3-6) Year 2 – Year 6 All-girls (Age 6-11)
September 2026Co-Ed Pre-School – Year 2 (Age 3-7) Year 2 – Year 6 All-girls (Age 7-11)
September 2027Co-Ed Pre-School – Year 3 (Age 3-8) Year 4 – Year 6 All-girls (Age 8-11)
September 2028Co-Ed Pre-School – Year 4 (Age 3-9) Year 5 – Year 6 All-girls (Age 9-11)
September 2029Co-Ed Pre-School – Year 5 (Age 3-10) Year 6 All-girls (Age 10-11)
September 2030Co-Ed Primary School - Pre-School - Year 6 (Age 3-11)

Did you know?

The Junior School was originally founded as a co-educational Primary school in 1991, the facilities are set up to educate both girls and boys. Our staff are primary experts skilled in teaching young children.  

A family School 

As a family school we believe that a co-educational Junior School provides families with younger children more flexibility.  As well as providing an option to expectant or new parents exploring future educational opportunities. 

Moving to Senior School 

When boys leave the school at the end of Year 6 there will be a rigorous programme of support and guidance, helping them gain places at  Senior Schools, that suit their personalities, interests, skills and aspirations.  

The Mount Senior School will remain as a single-sex school for girls age 11-18. We are committed to providing an all-girls environment, that champions the educational and developmental needs of Senior School girls. Find out more about our Senior School education.  

Our ambitions for our pupils remain unchanged, and our Quaker ethos provides a setting where children are free to explore, discover a love of learning, unleash their creativity and most importantly have fun!