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At The Mount Junior School we want our pupils to enjoy their time at school – we know happy children learn.

Days at school can be varied; pupils may be out on a school trip, taking part in an afternoon concert, competing in a sports competition or exploring the school grounds. 

A Typical Junior School Day
8.30amMorning Registration followed by a daily assembly. Assembly provides a chance for the school community to gather re-emphasising our values and taking the time to reflect together.
Morning Teaching & Break Core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science are taught to year groups by Class Teachers during morning lesson time. Lessons and teaching techniques are tailored to age groups and classes, for example Reception may be taught through construction and role play, whilst our older pupils have more focussed lessons preparing them for life in Senior School. During morning lessons, pupils have a 20-minute playtime.
Lunch Lunch is served at 12.15pm in The Terrace Dining Room. Our award-winning caterers prepare a warm nutritious lunch onsite each day. Menus rotate on a three-weekly basis and change each term to reflect seasonal food.
Explore, Discover, Create Afternoons Afternoon lesson times are used to teach subjects such as Science, History, Geography, Art, Design Technology, Music and PE. Year groups may join together and be taught vertically in these lessons. This mixed age approach strengthens the strong caring ethos at the school’s heart, boosting positive and supportive relationships within the school community. The Mount Junior School benefits from a spacious campus and lessons are often brought to life outside of the classroom. During afternoon lessons pupils have a 15 minute playtime.
3.30pm & After School ActivitiesThe school day ends at 3.30pm However, the Mount Junior School operates an extended school day, offering a mixture of clubs and activities between 3.30pm and 5.15pm every day. We offer a wide range of different activities suitable for children of all ages.

Wraparound Care 

We understand the importance of wraparound care for busy and working parents, so our out of hours care is designed to offer maximum support to families. Parents do not need to worry about rushing from work, arranging drop-offs/pick-ups, or navigating traffic. They are safe in the knowledge that their daughter is being cared for, taking part in fun activities, and being provided with breakfast or an evening meal, all under adult supervision. Our wraparound care facility is operated by Mount School staff, allowing close liaison with class teachers and continuity for the children and parents. 

Pupils can be dropped off at School from 7.30am, where they are supervised in the Dining Room. Children at Breakfast Club enjoy a variety of breakfast options, prepared by our caterers Wilson Vale. The children enjoy time to catch up with friends and relax before the School Day. Our After School Care extends to 6.30pm. Girls can join after School or following activities. Here they can take part in a range of varied activities, begin Prep work or relax with friends. For girls staying beyond 5.30pm we will serve an evening meal at 5.45pm, prepared by Wilson Vale.