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Young minds are naturally inquisitive, and we very much encourage this! Our exceptional teachers develop this curiosity into a deep love of learning. By making lessons what they should be – fun. 



Our Junior School Creative curriculum has been designed to support natural curiosity and stimulate creativity.

Taught by primary specialists and themed around ‘Explore, Discover, Create’, our approach ensures children develop the confidence and independence to question, cultivate and articulate their own opinions and ideas. 

The ‘Creative Curriculum’ covers the traditional subjects of History, Geography, Science, Art, Design Technology and Music, but taught in a thematic way. It is all about Creative Thinking, exploring, discovering and creating with your mind. It is about encouraging the children to think outside the box, giving them opportunities to develop and express themselves, and their ideas, in new ways. In fact, we don’t just encourage children to think outside the box, we encourage them to destroy the box! 


At the Mount we foster individuality, we know no two children are the same!

Every child learns in a different way and so our curriculum and teaching offers children the opportunity to work in depth, giving them the time, they need to reflect, consolidate and transfer their learning.   

We also make use of our location in an area which is rich in historical and geographic interest. ‘Wow’ factors, hands on experiences, open ended tasks, curriculum visits and themed days are an exciting part of our Creative Curriculum approach.  


“I just wanted to say how massively impressed by the Junior School curriculum I am, and how grateful I am for the amazing education my daughter is receiving at The Mount.

I love the breadth the curriculum spans, and the opportunities the children have for independent study, group discussion and a real depth of thinking around cultural and personal issues. The maths and english work seems such a high standard, and I can see that she is very proud of all her work.

The contrast between this and her previous school experience is vast. Before she came to The Mount she was bored and frustrated to the point of listlessness, and now she is full of vitality and enthusiasm and loves being at school (in fact it is a real struggle to get her to take time off when she’s ever ill!).” 

Year 6 Parent