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Brynmawr Furniture And The Mount


A few weeks ago we were contacted by the BBC in Cardiff about a documentary they are making about Brynmawr Furniture.

Back in the 1930s The Mount placed the first order with Brynmawr Furniture for 250 chairs for, what was then, the new School Hall. A group of Quakers had visited the Welsh village shortly after the depression in the 1920s and determined to help the people living there to rebuild and bring the village back to life. You can read more about it on the Brynmawr & District Museum’s website.

It has been really quite fascinating hunting down the chairs across the School. As you can imagine, some are in need of quite a lot of repair and sadly we do not have the full 250. We did discover that there are six in College House where our Sixth Form boarders sit down for meals and cakes they make for each other which, despite their age and historic importance, seems like a rather nice place for them to be.