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College Classics Online Projects

Having studied the Odyssey and the Aeneid, College Classics students were given online learning projects tailored to their educational interests.

Alicia, who is pursuing a career in fashion, designed one ancient and one modern outfit each for Dido and Amata from Virgil’s Aeneid. She drew on Dido’s passionate character and death by fire with the flame-like skirt and Amata’s royal status with the burgundy and purple robes. Amata’s modern character has snakeskin accessories to reflect her ‘infection’ with a mad passion by a heaven-sent snake. Alicia’s modern version of Dido has been imagined as an Art school student wearing Doc Martens.

Bethanie, whose interest lies in creative writing, decided to flesh out another character from the Aeneid, Lavinia, who is key to the narrative but has no speaking lines at all, just a tell-tale blush. Bethanie read several pieces of modern scholarship as well as three modern novels that draw on the Trojan war myth cycle. Her creative writing piece drew on Virgil’s typical style, incorporating similes, and was read aloud to reflect the oral tradition from which epic poetry originated. She also wrote an essay about the modern novels. Read Bethanie’s essay here Bethanie Lavinia.
Head of Classics, Laura Bok, said “I am hugely proud of and moved by the way the girls have responded to the material they have studied, in a serious, scholarly way, advancing their skills towards their chosen study options. I am particularly impressed by both the quality of the work and the way they rose to the occasion despite the less than brilliant circumstances.” 
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