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College Girls Encouraged to Dare to Re-wear  


As part of their ‘Dare to Re-wear’ initiative, pupils in College were kindly given the opportunity to enjoy a totally unique shopping experience by Mount School parent, Vicky, and Oxfam. 

As the sustainable fashion trend continues to grow, now is the perfect opportunity for people everywhere to ‘make a statement’ and wear pre-loved and pre-owned products. With this in mind, the girls were invited to look through a collection of dresses, perfect for them to wear to their upcoming ‘Leavers’ Strawberry Ball.’ 

Having access to such beautiful garments, right here at The Mount, enabled the girls to enjoy the dress shopping experience together amongst friends.  

The ‘Dare to Rewear’ and ‘Make a Statement’ ethos is growing in popularity within the fashion industry and beyond. In supporting this great cause, not only are the lifespans of stunning garments extended, but also the environmental impact of your wardrobe is reduced, and you can find one-of-a kind pieces. Something that our girls believe in and feel passionately about. 

“They are fabulous. I think it’s a really lovely idea to have pretty and sustainable dresses, and have the money go to a good cause” – Emelia 

“It is great being able have access to so many nice dresses knowing that the money would go to a good cause, it felt in line with the values of this school” – Alicia  

“There are lots of lovely prom dresses in the common room from Oxfam that are super nice, sustainable and at a low price” – Vanessa 


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