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A Conversation with the House Captains


So far this term, online learning has somewhat curtailed House spirit, but we were fortunate enough last term to catch up with different House Captains and ask them for their views on House life and the competitions thus far.

The Mount’s Houses are a time-honoured School tradition. Girls are split into Houses named for York’s Quaker and chocolate manufacturing heritage: Cadburys, Frys, Rowntrees and Terrys. The House System first and foremost encourages teamwork, community spirit and friendships. Houses are divided vertically, with girls from every year group in each House. They meet regularly to discuss upcoming activities, charity drives and events, as well as just checking in on one another. The teamwork and camaraderie the girls gain from working towards a common goal is invaluable in developing their compassion for others.

Rowntrees win the Senior Swimming

Each House is led by a Captain from College and Year 9 or 10. We chatted to some of the girls who are House Captains to find more about the benefits they feel the House System brings to The Mount community.

What does being a House Captain entail?

Morgan (Terrys): “I’m in Terrys and House Captain for Year 9. It’s a bit of a mix of responsibility because you have to organise people, make sure they come to the meetings and get involved. I enjoy having that role of responsibility. There are also the College I House Captains, but if they’re not available, then you’ve got to be in charge of people who are older and younger than you. That’s quite a challenge, but it’s the kind of challenge I enjoy.

What do you enjoy most about being a House Captain?

Naomi (Rowntrees): “I love that it’s a leadership role where we’re able to help the younger girls. I do my utmost to make sure their time here is the best that it can be. During the House Music Competition, I was watching the girls perform this dance routine that we’d created and I felt really proud of them and what we’d achieved together.

Denva (Cadburys): “It’s important to look after the younger years. In the House Music Competition, in March it was especially great to bring us all together as a House. We’d created each of the acts ourselves, the music and the choreography. We all worked really hard for it and it was fulfilling to know that everyone made an effort. Being able to lead the girls as their House Captain was incredible.

What do you most enjoy about working with the younger girls in your House?

Terrys present their fABBAulous ensemble piece for House Spring Music Competition

Sophie (Terrys): “It’s fun working with the younger students and helping to organise whole House activities. As a House Captain, I hope to bring our House together as a community and increase levels of enthusiasm.”

Elise (Cadburys): “I like helping the younger girls flourish. When we’re leading a team of people it’s nice to see what interests them and help them to become who they will be in the future.

Eleanor (Frys): “Leading the younger girls takes a lot of work, but it is rewarding and fun.

What have you gained from being a House Captain?

Terrys win the Junior School House Swimming Spring 2020

Angel (Frys): “Support and confidence. When I first stood in front of people in our House, I was really nervous because it was the first time I had had to speak in public. Everyone was very supportive. As a House Captain, the most enjoyable thing has been hearing the girls discussing ideas together. Their ideas for House Music were bold and interesting. Eleanor and I had our disagreements, but we overcame them! As a House captain, I have not only watched the girls cooperate and grow up, but I have also made great progress myself. I’m now not as nervous in front of everyone!

Charlotte (Terrys): “I love having the opportunity to give back into The Mount community. I enjoy the House events we have so much fun and laughter.

Georgia (Rowntrees): “Being House Captain has allowed me the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people. It’s a pleasure to be around them because everyone is genuinely lovely.


Traditionally in the Summer Term, girls compete in their Houses for Sports Day.