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Hovercraft Engineers


“Ladies, start your engines…… Go!”

To the pounding beats of Hawaii 5-0, a pair of girl-powered hovercrafts lift off and race to the end of the cavernous Sports Hall. The engines boom loudly, but not loudly enough to drown out rapturous cheers from the multitude of girls who have just spent a day designing and building their own hovercraft.

SES Hovercraft Day 2020 brought together more than 80 girls from eight local schools, to inspire them to become the next generation of female engineers.

Our Mount Junior girls created “Amazing Avocados” which did very well in its own race. The girls spoke on YO1 Radio about how much they enjoyed the day.

Amy Bastow, an engineer with sponsors SES Engineering Services, said, “There is an urgent need to solve the skills gap affecting our industry and we have to encourage more young people, especially girls, to consider a career in engineering. Many have preconceptions of what engineering means, without realising the scope for creativity and innovation that it brings.

We must continue to work together to make sure every young person has the opportunity to be inspired by STEM and engineering. Initiatives like our Hovercraft Day are proven to help encourage young girls to consider STEM subjects later on and it was fantastic to see so many talented and creative girls rise to the challenge.

Congratulations to the team from Terrington Hall who carried off the coveted winner’s trophy for the seventh annual SES Hovercraft Day.