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Junior School Girls Reflect


Since their return to school from the January-to-March-2021 lockdown, Junior School girls have been reflecting on their time during lockdown and being back in school.

They spoke about their feelings during lockdown and how they feel about returning to school. They shared what they thought were the positives and highlights of lockdown as well as the positives and highlights of returning to school. Each girl was invited to create a work of art to reflect their life in lockdown, and the variety of work they produced shows an incredibly broad scope of talents! Some girls created a poster, some made a video, some made a model and some even choreographed a dance!

Each girl was invited to create a card with a memory of theirs from lockdown. On Friday, they each hung their card on the Memory Tree in the Junior School Foyer.

This helps the children to understand that, there may have been a storm, but the storm will pass,” said Ms Capper, Head of Junior School. The wonderfully bright and uplifting display is now a centre piece which the girls take time to inspect to share others’ experiences.