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Millie’s Gold JASS Award

Millie being interviewed by her grandfather shortly before the Belfast Netball Tour

Congratulations to Millie (Y8) who has been awarded her Gold Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS) award, the highest possible level for this inspiring programme. She kept a log book and a file of all her achievements to gain enough merits to earn her award.

Millie was among the first cohort to undergo the JASS award, beginning her Bronze level in Year 6 when it was first introduced in the Junior School. “I remember the Baking Challenge,” says Millie with a smile, “and that’s about it.”

In the Silver Award, Morgan, Rebecca and I walked the Step Challenge to the height of Kilimanjaro. It took us about two weeks (including breaks) and it was really fun,” says Millie enthusiastically.

For her Gold level, Millie said her favourite memory, was “RDA, volunteering to help the disabled ride horses. I learned how to tack up a horse, how to help them onto and off of a horse, and I also needed learn how to safely walk with them as a qualified side-walker. I did my training at Allerthorpe Wood. In total this was 21 hours. What I enjoyed about it is that you’re really helping people. Some of the people I helped had Downs Syndrome, some couldn’t speak and they can only communicate with hand signals. Helping them was really fun.

The requirement for the Gold Award for “Me and My World” is 18 hours, and Millie clocked up 21.5 hours with the RDA.

Millie is very much looking forward to taking her Duke of Edinburgh Award, which the Senior School offers from Year 10 onwards.  The JASS award is based on the DoE structure. To achieve the Gold JASS Award, pupils must complete activities in “My Interests” (minimum 18 hours over two school terms), “Get Active, Stay Active” (minimum 18 hours over two school terms), “Me and My World” (minimum 18 hours over two school terms) and “Adventure” (minimum 8 hours).