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Mount Trophy Haul at NYBEP Design Inspirations


Girls at The Mount School once again outdid themselves at Inspirations 2017, the annual Design and Engineering competition at Elvington run by NYBEP (North Yorkshire Business Enterprise Partnership).

The girls took top awards for their respective categories in KS (Key Stage) 4 Textiles, KS4 Resistant Materials, KS5 Resistant Materials and KS5 School Project.

Sophie was awarded the George Cayley Cup as the overall winner of the competition.  Her Resistant Materials project was a dimensionally-correct wooden pony designed to help a charity that supports parents and professionals to improve the lives of children. Sophie’s project enables children on the autism spectrum to practice their skills and improve their confidence dressing and grooming a pony before they come into contact with the live animal. This helps the children to keep calm and better enjoy their experience.  Sophie has donated her finished project to Autism Angels for the charity’s use.

Sophie’s pony, designed to help children with autism

Annabel won the School Project for her LifeBag Appeal project for PeaceJam.  You can find out more about the LifeBag project through the following links.

Mount Girls Inspire York for LifeBags

LifeBag Appeal Tops 500

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