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Namibia Plans Positively Progress


Eager attendees of the upcoming Namibia expedition met this morning to progress their community project plans.  

On their upcoming trip, the cohort of Year 11 and College girls will be offering their support to the local community in Namibia, Africa. As well as donating valuable everyday supplies the girls will also take the lead on a community project. The project itself will be decided by the girls with the overall aim of helping to improve the daily education of Namibian children.  

After dividing into smaller groups, the girls began to focus in on their plans. Year 11 pupils Ava, Berlin, and Harriet were keen to utilise their creative flair and artistic abilities. Combining forces with Sophie in College II they brainstormed ideas for a colourful mural and other ways in which they could brighten up the outdoor areas of the local school and playground.   

The group taking charge of meal plans and cooking arrangements is being overseen by Izzy in College II, accompanied by Scarlett in Year 11 and Chloe and Maddie in College I. The girls are confident in their cooking abilities and are keen to take on the challenge of meal prep – without the reliance on everyday appliances such as the oven, hob and microwave!  

Another important aspect of the trip is coordinating the blanket appeal. Along with Ms Mumby, pupils in the Junior School are kindly knitting blanket squares to produce a handmade blanket that can be donated to schools in Namibia. Leilani and Romilly in College II will be working with College I girls, Lucky and Rebecca to organise fundraising efforts and an appeal for support from parents and the wider community.   

Elsewhere in the meeting, the group deliberated the colour choice for their bespoke hoodie and familiarised themselves with the locations they shall visit and their amended travel arrangements. They were also reminded of the kit list and to remember to pack warm clothing for when the temperature inevitably drops during the evenings.   

Further information regarding the trip and how you can kindly support the girls’ fundraising and blanket appeal will follow shortly.