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New College Leadership Team Announced

Congratulations to Rebecca, Ophelia, Chloe, Josephine and Lucky the new College Leadership Team (CLT), who were announced earlier this term. 

The College I girls assumed their new responsibilities when College II began study leave, allowing them to focus on their AL-Levels. Between them the girls have spent over four decades at The Mount. Chloe and Ophelia both joined in The Mount in Pre-School with Rebecca joining Junior School in Year 1. Lucky joined Senior School in Year 9 followed by Josephine in Year 10.

We caught up with the Sixth Form College girls to find out more about the application process, why they wanted to apply for the role and their plans for next year. . . .

Why did you want to become a member of the College Leadership Team?

Lucky: “I wanted to be a member of the CLT because I like the idea of leading and helping people. And I’m really excited to give the speech at Foundation Meeting!”
Josephine: “I wanted to gain experience in a leadership role for later life.”
Ophelia: “Yes, it will look good on UCAS and job applications. Plus I’m looking forward to organising events.”
Chloe: “I wanted to interact with the younger years and share their input with the school helping to put forward their ideas.” 

How did you apply for the role?

Lucky: “We had to write a formal letter which was your application.” 
Rebecca: “We explained why you would be good at it and then we had an interview and we had to give a presentation about our ideas for CLT and how we would interact with younger years especially Junior School.”
Josephine: “We got asked a lot of questions by Mrs Goudriaan and Mr Griffiths”
Chloe: “There were some funny ones in there.”
Lucky: “It was stressful!”

What qualities do you think make a good leader and who do you think makes a good leader?

Josephine: “I think being a good listener is a key part because you need to work as a team, so listening to each other.”
Ophelia: “Yes, teamwork, if you have strong teamwork, it works well.”
Chloe: “I think it’s someone who is respectful to everyone – you’ve got to be nice to be a good leader.”
Rebecca: “A good role model for me is Vincent Kompany. I’m a huge Man City supporter and he has always been my teams Captain as I’ve grown up. He is someone I’ve looked up to as a good leader.”

What plans do you have for your time on CLT?

Ophelia: “Well we’re starting with arranging the Leavers’ Supper – we’ve had an idea to do it Mamma Mia themed, with decorations and Greek food.”
Lucky: “We want to organise a charity event. We’re exploring what we could do for example a ball or barn dance. We’ve been researching locations.”
Ophelia: “And we’re making a survey to send to parents to see what they would like.”
Josephine: “In our interview we talked about ideas of how to interact with younger girls. Mine was to produce an information card for new pupils about us and what CLT do and who they can go to, so they feel more comfortable. So, I would like to introduce that.”
Rebecca: “I want to host a fast 5 netball game between the junior school and the younger senior girls, to help integrate the Junior School into Senior school and make the jump from Year 6 easier.”

Describe each other in three words!

Lucky: “I would describe Josephine as organised, which is really helpful!” 
Ophelia: “Rebecca is really empathetic and caring – everyone likes you!”
Chloe: “Ophelia is very confident in a really good way. She knows what she wants, and she will get it done.”
Rebecca: “Lucky is the funniest person ever – she’s entertaining. She’ll add some spice to the group!”
Ophelia:Chloe’s very personable. She’s well respected and she has a good relationship with girls across all year groups, perhaps because she has a younger sister.”

The girls clearly demonstrate the skills and assets needed to be great leaders and we look forward to seeing them develop in their role and implement their ideas over the next academic year.

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