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Prayer Chain for peace in Ukraine

The Mount pupils and staff attend peaceful protest on Ouse Bridge

Mount girls attended a public demonstration for peace in Ukraine this morning when they joined pupils from All Saints School to form prayer chains throughout the city to mark Ash Wednesday.  

The prayer chain extended from Bar Convent, Blossom Street to York Minster. Pupils held between them links of ribbon of yellow and blue, the Ukrainian national colours. The Mount girls gathered on Ouse Bridge and observed a Quaker silence at 11am, whilst their peers recited prayers in a moving and thought provoking show of unity with the innocent people of Ukraine.

“It’s great that schools in York are coming out in support. I think it’s really important.” – Emilia (College I)  

“I think it’s good because we are taking action against Russia’s actions.” – Nessa (College I) 

“It shows that York is quite a close community and that we feel we can come together to make a difference.” – Kaye (College I)  

“It’s good to do something.” – Dennisa (Year 10)  

“It’s a good way to try and spread a message peacefully.” – Emma (Year 10)  

“It’s a nice way for us to show our support.” – Elisha (Year 10)  

“We’re showing that we support Ukraine.” – Scarlett (Year 10)  

“We’re here to support Ukraine and peace.” – Sian (Year 10)