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Ruby tries her hand at beach rugby  


Ruby, College, I migrated to the coast for her latest Rugby match over the weekend. Representing her team, Selby RUFC, Ruby took part in a beach rugby tournament on the sea front of popular seaside town, Fraisthorpe near Bridlington. 

The novel location proved idyllic at the beginning of the session as the girls practised in the glistening sunshine, cooled down by the welcome crisp breeze of the sea air. Towards the latter part of the afternoon, and just as the final few matches were underway, the tide began to rise causing disruption to the makeshift pitches.  

Ever the professional sportspersons, the teams continued to play despite the steady pitch incline and rising sea levels – simply adding to the excitement of the afternoon. Ruby remained positive throughout the day, explaining, “We won two matches, drew one, and lost one. It was luck of the draw on the day because of the sand. You were either running up what felt like a mountain or had a nice downhill, but then the try line was under water. It was really sandy and everyone was just face planting.” 

This was only the second time that Ruby and her team were able to participate in the tournament, the first being almost 3 years ago now prior to the lockdown. Ruby added, “It was really nice just to see everyone again, and the girls from other clubs. We all know each other now and are friends with some of the girls on other teams” 

Overall, a fantastic day of Rugby, with the added bonus of a delightful sunny Sunday afternoon at the beach, “it was really good and we went in the sea at the end and had fish and chips.” 

The competition, consisting of 4, seven-minute matches, drew in an impressive crowd of spectators who gathered to watch the excitement unfold and had around 200 participants overall.  

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