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The Mount’s Fantastic 1st York Interschool Gymnastics Competition Surpasses Expectations!


The Mount School York’s inaugural Interschool Gymnastics Competition for Years 3-13 was inclusive with all levels of participation represented alongside some stand-out elite individual and team performances. A lovely, warm encouraging atmosphere, the day was a huge success.

Pupils from All Saints, Huntington and York High schools joined Mount girls to perform their routines in front of a team of judges, including Ruth from both York St John University and York City Gymnastics Foundation.

Expert Ruth – who has a background in teaching PE and Gymnastics at degree level – addressed the gathered pupils:

“I was honoured to be invited to The Mount to judge this new competition. Miss Newman and The Mount team have set up such a welcoming day of gymnastics for all levels to enjoy. Your first competition can feel scary but I was pleased to see so many smiles on faces. I applaud you all. ”

Fiona Newman, Mount PE Teacher, with expertise in gymnastics, said:

“I have loved setting up and organising this exciting competition which celebrates all things gymnastic! The standard was incredible but more importantly all levels from novice to intermediate to elite were represented and rewarded with medals and certificates on the podium. This is the first of many annual competitions and we hope to get more interest from further local schools next year. Thank you so much and congratulations to all who took part and gave up their time.”

The Junior competition saw The Mount Years 3-6 compete against each other after a local junior school sadly had to drop out.

The Senior Year 7+ part of the competition saw three local schools and The Mount enter both individual and team categories.

A superb day, the results are as follows:


Juniors Novice Individual (The Mount):

1st Lyra

2nd Emi

3rd Joanna


Juniors Novice Team (The Mount):

1st Team 3

2nd Team 1

3rd Team 2


Juniors Years 3 & 4 Individual (The Mount):

1st Grace

2nd Hattie

3rd Emily


Juniors Years 5 & 6 Individual (The Mount): 

1st Connie

2nd Izzy

3rd Lorelei


Junior Teams (The Mount):

1st Team 1

2nd Team 2

3rd Team 3


Seniors Novice Individual:

1st Penelope (The Mount)

2nd Megan (York High School)

3rd Emma (The Mount)


Seniors Intermediate Individual:

1st Daisy (The Mount)

2nd Jessica (All Saints)

3rd Lucy (The Mount)


Senior Elite Individual:

1st Mei Ling (Huntington)

2nd Lana (Huntington)

3rd Sophia (All Saints)


Senior Teams:

1st All Saints Team 1

2nd The Mount Team 1

3rd York High Team 1


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