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Tim Peake’s Spacecraft

Mount girls enjoyed an invitation from the National Railway Museum to be the only school to attend their official launch for the new exhibition, “Tim Peake’s Spacecraft”.
spacesuit at the tim peake spacesuit exhibition
Trying on the spacesuit at the Tim Peake Spacecraft exhibition

The Year 9 and 10 girls were given a guided tour of the exhibition, with an Explainer telling them about the Soyuz re-entry capsule and the rigors of re- entry from space.  In groups, they visited the virtual reality (VR) module and experienced space descent.  This was generally agreed to be the best part of the exhibition. They also got to ‘try on’ a space suit, which sparked a selfie-fest and much amusement.  They also were able to see first hand the Soyuz spacecraft capsule itself.  Members of the press and media were on hand to talk to the girls about what they thought of the exhibition, and how they felt about STEM studies.

“I am interested in engineering. Engineering is basically applying science in a practical way to create things, whether its roads or space craft. I really enjoy creating things and working with people,” Clare told the BBC while gazing at the Soyuz spacecraft capsule, a chunk of space-age materials which is surprisingly diminutive, considering that it once brought three astronauts back to earth, literally, from the international space station.

The Mount’s pupils were the first young people in York to experience the spacecraft exhibition in the city, where it will remain until early March before moving on to Manchester.

Adrienne Richmond, Principal of The Mount, said, “Studies by the Institute of Physics show that girls studying STEM subjects perform better in all-girl schools. Furthermore, girls in all-girl schools are more likely to study STEM subjects thanks to the lack of gender stereotyping in those environments.

“At The Mount, we have taken our STEM curriculum further, turning STEM into STEAM, by bringing creative studies into the mix, and putting creativity at the heart of innovation. This spacecraft exhibition is a perfect example of this relationship. We are very grateful to the Railway Museum for their kind invitation to this launch event which the girls thoroughly enjoyed. They returned from the exhibition very excited and heartily recommending it to the other girls.”

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