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What is a Nutcracker?!


What’s a ‘nutcracker’?! Let us unravel the mystery! When our Year 7 students join Senior School, they become part of a fantastic Mount tradition known as the ‘Nutcracker’ system.

The Nutcracker system is a peer mentoring scheme in which younger pupils are buddied up with a College pupil. It’s all about fostering friendship, support, and unity within our Mount community!

Last Friday, our College pupils warmly welcomed our Year 7 newcomers for a delightful Choc Lunch complete with the famous Mount cookies!

But it wasn’t just about the snacks! It was an opportunity for these older pupils to connect with their younger peers, forming friendships that will last throughout their time at The Mount.

During this sweet get-together, our College pupils introduced themselves, got to know their ‘nuts,’ and discovered shared hobbies and interests. Most importantly, they reassured their younger peers that they are always here to lend a hand and answer any questions that may arise as they settle in.

We can’t wait to see these bonds grow and flourish throughout the school year.

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