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Year 8 Rise to Faraday Challenge


The entire Year 8 cohort enjoyed taking on the Institute of Engineering and Technology’s annual Faraday Challenge. This year the event was hosted virtually. Working in teams of five for the whole day, they attempted to provide a solution for the engineering problem presented to them. This year they were tasked with designing a product to help minimise waste and environmental impact in railway stations.

After lunch, they had the opportunity to speak via TEAMs with IET engineers, to discuss their design solution before the final presentations at 3.30pm.

The girls enjoyed the challenge, and their design prototypes now sit proudly on display in the Science Block.

The Challenge was really good. It made us think and, because we all wanted to win, any disagreements got resolved quickly. We all had a united goal and had to help each other to achieve that goal.” – Lana

My favourite aspect of the event was working with other people.” – Yasmine

The girls also had some useful advice for future Faraday Challenge teams.

Try and make sure that you know exactly what you are going to be doing, but also don’t be afraid of trial and error.” – Livia

See our Gallery of photos from the day.