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Year 9 launch a Museum of History


Yesterday, Year 9 girls curated and launched their very own Museum of History for our Junior School girls. Each Year 9 girl created an information board based on any topic of History that interested them, designed a display aimed at Years 5 and 6, and created an artefact or activity for the girls. The Senior girls had also visited a Museum during the Christmas holiday to gather inspiration for their display.

The Junior School girls loved the Museum. Each had their favourite section and display, and as they walked back to Junior School for their Science Experiment, girls in Year 6 said they wanted to thank all of Year 9 for creating such a marvellous event for them all.

I’d give it 11 out of 10,” said Lorelei (Year 4). “It feels really good that the older girls did all this for us.

I feel very respected,” said Ella (Year 4). Earlier in the day, Junior School’s Assembly had looked at the concept of respect, including self-respect, respect for others and being respected by others. One of The Mount’s aims is to encourage girls to respect and value every individual.

The girls have done incredibly well,” said Rachel Capper, Head of Junior School. “It’s lovely to see the Year 9s because I can see their progress they’ve made since they were in Junior School, in their confidence, and how knowledgeable they are. It’s lovely for the little ones to see. I’ve been watching Reception and Year 1 making their way around the Museum, looking up to these girls as role models. It is brilliant. The Year 5s and 6s are also getting a lot out of going up to and interacting with the older girls to find out about all these different History topics. It’s been a great success!

The scope of topics was immense. Displays included everything from aeroplanes and fairies, animals in space travel, artillery, the battle of Actium, the battle of Towton, castles, Chernobyl, Greek and Roman gods, Jack the Ripper, the Neolithic era, the Qin dynasty, Roman Emperors of Britain, the Salem witch trials, shih tzus, the Suffragettes, Tea culture, the Victorian era and York’s chocolate history.

I enjoyed visiting the different display boards. The girls had done a fantastic job with the History Museum,” said Head of Lower School, Tony Mcaleese.

Our all-girl environment means that The Mount can teach girls in a way in which they instinctively learn. In an environment where girls are able to explore their learning, they assimilate the subject matter better and grow more confident. “A happy child will learn more effectively, and The Mount is a community where every girl is valued for her contribution,” said David Griffiths, Principal.