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Yorkits Community Project Honours International Women’s Day


Year 10 pupils joined a team of inspirational volunteers this International Women’s Day to construct handmade sanitary products for those in need. 

Each year girls in Year 10 volunteer their services to support the community workshop, organised by Yorkits. The project brings together volunteers to construct washable, easy to use, feminine hygiene kits for girls in developing countries. Without access to proper sanitary products, many women are often shamed for their menstrual cycles and are forced to miss out on their education during this time.  

The workshop was made all that more special this year having fallen on International Women’s Day; with the theme this year being embracing equity. In honour of the occasion BBC Look North presenter, Amy Garcia was in attendance and invited Mount School pupils, Bronte and Miryam to share their thoughts. 

“I think it’s just a basic necessity that every girl or woman should have, and the fact that we have them, we should not take for granted. We should do something for someone else, I think it is really nice.” – Bronte 

“On international women’s day to come and help with something and to be able to send something we’ve made over to countries where girls can’t go and get their education if they are on their period, it makes a huge difference.” – Miryam 

Once again, the community project successfully united women and girls of all ages and backgrounds in helping to make a real difference to others. Sheltered from the adverse weather and with a welcome cup of tea, the volunteers conversed over their experiences and what the project means to them.  

Learn more about the Yorkits project here via The BBC Radio York link

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