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Intrepid Mount Girls Prepare for East Greenland Expedition With Esteemed Expert in the Field


Pupils, parents and staff were enthralled recently when Nigel Bidgood, Head of the Borealis Society, returned to The Mount. He gave a fascinating Borealis Lecture on the human history of Greenland.

This topic underpins one of the key academic objectives of the upcoming East Greenland Expedition in July 2024. Lucky pupils will have the opportunity to undertake research into the local Inuit hunting culture in eastern Greenland.

Nigel’s lecture covered the entire human history of Greenland starting with Paleo-Inuit cultures over 4000 years ago up until the present day. The geopolitical importance of Greenland was also highlighted as how Greenland might change in the future was discussed.

Fascinating maps and photographs, including areas that the girls will be exploring in the summer, create a real sense of excitement for the College girls who are now a significant way through their preparation for the trip.

Further details about the preparation for the East Greenland Expedition 2024 will be shared in the coming months. We are so fortunate to have expert, Nigel, leading and guiding our planning for this adventure of a lifetime!


Nigel Bidgood Profile:

Talented Nigel will be the Chief Leader of the upcoming Mount School East Greenland Expedition in 2024. He has organised and led twenty major school expeditions to boreal and arctic areas of Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Canada since 1987. He has led six school expeditions to East Greenland since 1997, most recently in 2013. Nigel was also the leader of the first Mount School York Borealis Expedition to north-west Iceland in 2022. He has also organised and led fourteen adult expeditions to Iceland and Greenland, with one of the most recent being to north-east Greenland in 2018, a geological research expedition from Oxford University.

He has served as an adviser and screener of expeditions for The Young Explorers’ Trust (a subunit based at the Royal Geographical Society). In 2004, he was awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Geographical Society in recognition of his work with youth expeditions over the previous twenty-five years. Recently he was invited to be a member of The Arctic Club.

Nigel is, by academic training, a botanist and a specialist in the flora of the Arctic, having completed a research degree into their adaptations to the environment. Nigel is also an expert on the Thule Inuit culture and the geopolitics of the Arctic.

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