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Mount Pupils Make Convincing Speeches at Bath MUN Conference 2024


Sixth Former Lisa writes about her weekend in Bath for MUN:

On the weekend of the 2 and 3 March Mount School students visited Kingswood School in Bath to participate in their thirty-third 2024 Model United Nations Conference. Five Sixth Formers and five Year 10 students became the delegates of Brazil and Sierra Leone for the weekend, experiencing the real-life inner workings of their committees.

The conference began on the Friday night with an Opening Ceremony where two Kingswood students delivered their powerful and inspirational speeches which reminded everyone present that the issues they were about to debate were all too real. Delegates were then divided and accompanied by their committees for a period of lobbying, during which they sought to build support for their resolutions by signing them with six other countries.

At the Saturday conference, Sixth Former, Caterina, who was Brazilian delegate was chosen to present her resolution on the China’s claims in the South China Sea. She delivered a marvellous, convincing speech but unfortunately her overall resolution did not pass. The delegate for Sierra Leone, Lisa, was chosen as a speaker for Afghanistan’s resolution on the Israel-Palestine dispute and presented powerful arguments to promote it.

The final day was based on an ‘emergency’ situation. All the delegates were called to the main hall to debate on the amendments proposed for the resolution.

Libby said: ”It actually makes me want to work in International Relations”.

Caterina and Anita said: ”We could have stayed here for another week; it’s just such a great experience”.

At the end of the weekend Mount School pupils left satisfied and happy. Pupils are now ready to share their experiences with future Mount MUN delegates to pass on the baton of debate and to work together towards world peace, a truly Quaker aim.

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