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Shakespearean Splendour: Senior Pupils Set the Stage at Creative Arts Festival


The highly anticipated Senior School Shakespeare Creative Arts Festival took place this week. Pupils enjoyed an array of immersive experiences and stunning performances!   

As is Mount tradition the last week of term is handed over to a cross curricular whole school activity. 2023 saw the return of the Creative Arts Festival, this year the theme celebrated Shakespeare as it 400 years since the publication of his first folio.  

On Monday, pupils took part in a carousel of activities in mixed year groups. Each department hosted a Shakespearean workshop relating their topic to the famous playwright.  

  • Art: Decorating Theatre masks 
  • Dance: Westside story workshop 
  • Drama: Twelfth Night in 30 minutes! 
  • Music: A Musical Madigras and a Shakespeare Rap! 
  • Classics: Was Shakespeare stealing from the Greeks?! 
  • MFL: The Italian Renaissance 
  • Humanities: A look at the Globe: How was Elizabethan Theatre staged? 
  • Science: Gunpowder & Poisons 

The clouds cleared at the end of the day just in time for everyone to come together and enjoy a delicious British Afternoon Tea on the lawns.  

“I loved how inclusive the experiences were so everyone could do something they liked.” 

“I liked all the opportunities and I’ve learned so many different facts and skills.” 

“It was amazing and really interesting to be involved in.” Alexia On Tuesday, each pupil selected a workshop to explore further. In Art, pupils created fantastic artwork in different medias representing scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In Dance pupils learnt a routine to Elton John’s Are You Ready for Love from Gnome & Juliet. The day ended with the Drama pupils staging Twelfth Night – all staged, rehearsed and performed just in one day! 

On Wednesday, we welcomed Initiate Theatre Group to The Mount. Throughout the morning they ran workshops teaching pupils about A Midsummer Night’s Dream. They explained the plot, the challenges of staging a Shakespeare production, provided acting tips and even gave a stage fighting masterclass. In the afternoon the theatre group performed  

“I really liked the fight scene, and I liked the way they used old English.” Margi 

“I thought that the actors were very good and quick at all their costume changes- they had a lot of them! My favourite bits were the play within the play and, of course the lion!”  Immy 

“I liked the fight scenes between the four lovers. They were really funny and I really enjoyed the play. Really great and funny.” Melanie 

We would like to extend our thanks to Initiate Theatre Group and all the Mount Staff who made the Creative Arts Festival, celebrating the timeless works of Shakespeare, a resounding success.  Thank you to the girls who all took part with such great enthusiasm! From the passionate performers who brought the Bard’s characters to life, to the talented artists who adorned our exhibition with Shakespearean-inspired masterpieces. 

The Creative Arts festival successfully celebrated the legacy of Shakespeare, captivating audiences and reminding us all of the enduring power of his work as well as providing memories for years to come! 

“All the characters were funny especially the ones in the other play inside the play but overall, it was a really good play to watch and definitely worth it definitely recommend.” Josephine 

View a gallery of The Midsummer Night’s Dream Artwork

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