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Year 7 Flood Defence Fieldwork on the River Ouse


In a bid to instil a sense of environmental awareness and empower young minds, Year 7 pupils embarked on a field work adventure on Tuesday.

They ventured into York to undertake flood defence fieldwork on the picturesque River Ouse and the River Foss. Equipped with curiosity and enthusiasm, these young eco-warriors embraced the opportunity to learn about flood management firsthand.

Under the guidance of experienced teachers and environmental experts, Mr Waddington and Mrs Cook the students ventured to the banks of the River Ouse, a historically significant waterway notorious for flooding in the past. The fieldwork aimed to educate the pupils on the importance of flood prevention and the measures taken to safeguard communities along the river.

The girls explored the vast array of flood defences along the River Ouse and the River Foss. They started at Clifton Ings and explored all the way down to the Foss Barrier stopping at many points on the way. Pupils had the opportunity to complete surveys on each of the schemes and make their own decisions on their effectiveness.

Throughout the day, the pupils engaged in lively discussions, sharing their findings and exchanging ideas on sustainable flood management strategies. Pupils discussed the different methods used and talked about previous floods in York, especially the 2015 flood. They developed a deeper understanding of the river’s ecology, flood dynamics, and the role they could play in safeguarding their communities.

Edith said “I really enjoyed learning about the history of York and how the river relates to that.”

Daisy said “I enjoyed looking at the houses with the special flood gate equipment that stop them from flooding.”

Melanie said “I enjoyed seeing different ways people use natural resources to prevent flooding, like the flood plains and the embankments.”

Elizabeth said “I enjoyed learning about how people cope with flooding and what they do to try and stop it causing damage. It was great that we could give our own opinions on the places we studied.”

Vakare said “I enjoyed walking around and deciding if places were using hard engineering strategies or soft engineering startegies.”

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